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My TWIN ????
11 Mac 2012 - Permalink | 0 Comments

Hey guys !
Sekarang ALI nak cter about MY TWINNNN !
But first , lets me to give some MUQADIMAHH dulu . . heheh

about my "twin" nieh actually RAMAI yg tahu
kat MRSM je larh

Mase mule2 dgr pasal TWIN ALI nieh , ALI ingatkan dorang typu2 jer
so ALI jut ignore jer larh :P
After that , ttbe jer berite pasal TWINN ALI nieh berkembang PESAT =,=
Sape yg sebarkn berite nieh mesti nak kene !

So , ALI try ler discover kat FACEBOOK 
and I founded my TWIIN facebook account 

Next Step, ALI tgk2 ler gmbar2 dye 
and AMAT MENAKUTKAN pabila my FAMILY kate that we SAME !!!!
just beza at SKIN only ~~~ urghhhh
and MY TWINN more CUTE lar ,(org yg kate ) T_T

Name dye RIZQI
form 1 okie :)
Budak baek setakat nieh :D
 *to RIZQI sorry eh if gune gmbr nieh , chillaxx